Australian Tax Office

The Client

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is an Australian Federal Government department similar to HMRC in the UK. It’s mandate is to collect payments from all Australian citizens and companies. It has offices throughout Australia, and employs over 20,000 staff. 

The Task

As part of a government initiative, the ATO wanted to streamline the process of collecting and tracking tax payments. The department wanted to not only collect payments, but to make it easier to communicate and keep the public notified of the status of their tax situation. The ideal way to do this was through a mobile application. To do this was not as simple as just building an app however. There were countless security issues to be dealt with (including high level security clearances for anyone developing it!), issues of authentication, then simply how to upload tax data through a small mobile device.

The Solution

Limitless Solutions was brought on board to write the application. The app was developed in Xamarin Forms and used many custom controls and custom renderers. Many additional features were also added, including calculators, a GPS vehicle tracker for log books, fuel tax credit features, key dates calendar, and voice based authentication. The app keeps track of company deductions, photographs of receipts, and exporting out to popular formats. Testing and UX was performed internally using the ATO’s own dedicated user interface lab.


The app pushed the boundaries of Xamarin technology, and has become a reference app within government in Australia. It has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and is recommended by accountants throughout the country. It continues to be developed with new features. 

Technology: Xamarin Forms, numerous APIs and interfaces, Azure,  oAuth