Indian Police Force


UK based monitoring and measurement equipment manufacturer, Casella, supplies the Indian police force with high end audio test equipment. Their equipment is used for measuring sound levels to determine when noise levels are beyond legal levels. Their requirements were for highly accurate measurement and reporting capabilities in order to issue enforcement orders that can later be used in court.  


Limitless Creations came recommended by previous clients to to build the complex mobile application required to control the custom hardware. The requirement was to capture audio, video, and GPS data simultaneously from multiple input sources. This information had to then be collated on the device, generate a report, and print out infraction notices on a mobile connected bluetooth printer.  


Limitless Creations worked with Casella hardware engineers to implement a custom network protocol between the hardware sound level meter and an android handset via Bluetooth. Working with British based designers WMP, we implemented UX and UI elements to create an easy to use application that could be deployed in difficult real world conditions.  Dynamic generation of PDF reports and custom receipt printing via Bluetooth was all built into the application, and captured data was encrypted, stored, and uploaded when network was available.  


This was a potentially difficult project, using 3 different devices in communication via bluetooth deployed in a real world often tense environment. The application was successfully deployed and is now in use in over 1000 devices throughout India.