Intercake is an Irish based company delivering confectionary technology to supermarkets throughout Europe.


This was a more unusual request – to create an application that can interface with an existing system to print high resolution photographs on cakes. Intercake has a network of printers in supermarkets printing photographs using edible ink. Photographs can be uploaded, manipulated and edited via a touchscreen terminal within each supermarket. The challenge was to replicate the terminal experience on a mobile device, thus allowing orders to be made without being physically present.


Limitless Creations was brought in to address specific challenges with the implementation of the mobile app in its early stages. We were able to demonstrate our image processing expertise, by addressing difficulties encountered with manipulating a high resolution photograph and overlaying text and graphics. Our successful engagement resulted in being contracted to deliver the entire application on android and iOS platforms.


The result was a successful deployment of an application which replicated all the features of the existing kiosk based application, and also made use of specific mobile features such as the ability to take a photo via the phone camera and upload it and have it printed on to a cake.