London Stock Exchange

The Client

Numis securities is based in the London Stock Exchange building, and provides investment services to a select group of clients. With offices in London and New York, the company employs over 200 staff is broker to London’s largest corporations.  Numis required a visually engaging application to provide up to the minute trading and portfolio information – customised for each client. 

The Challenge

Limitless Creations worked closely with the London Stock Exchange and Lewis Communications, an international design agency based in Westminster in London. The user experience and design dictated a highly interactive application with true pixel accurate graphics across both iOS and android platforms. Every control was customised, and designed to provide a visually engaging experience for the end user. 
The application had to deliver a polished and high-end level of interaction – fast, intuitive, interactive and accurate. Behind the scenes it needed to offer the stability and rock solid reliability of a banking application. Security was paramount, and behind the shiny surface there needed to be a multitude of moving parts!


Limitless Creations pushed the boundaries of what Xamarin Forms was able to deliver. We customised every control from buttons to lists to tab bars and beyond. The highest levels of authentication and encryption were used to establish connections for the download of sensitive data. We used our extensive background in banking systems to download data in the background, so that information presented to the user was always current as it was delivered to us from the stock exchange.


The application was heavily tested and audited, and was released successfully on time and within budget. The resulting software was a strikingly beautiful app complete with graphs, charts, tables, alerts, documents and reports. It has become one of the focal points for Numis Securities, and a tangible offering for their high end clients not available to their competitors.