The Client

Medtronic is a 50 billion dollar Irish medical devices company that creates advanced equipment used in hospitals. Medtronic has over 85,000 employees in 350 locations throughout the world. Nearly 10,000 of Medtronic’s employees are scientists and engineers, working to advance medicine through the creation of new devices and technology.

The Task

Medtronic’s cardiovascular group creates specialised stents and catheters for placement directly inside a patient’s heart during surgery. Selecting the correct device is of critical important, and therefore anything that can aid a surgeon in theatre can quite literally be the difference between life and death. Limitless Creations was challenged by Camden based design agency AS&K digital to help them design a mobile application that could fulfil these challenging requirements.

The Solution

As a critical medical application, it was important that all information was accurate, timely, and visually clear. We worked closely with doctors and medical experts throughout the construction and deployment of the app. The application had to operate in locations with no network coverage, use a minimum of user actions to find the required medical device, and be smart enough to download new content and update itself when networks became available. Limitless Solutions built the app in Swift, storing content in a local database using CoreData, and used Apple’s powerful animation features to give instant feedback to surgeons.


The application was successfully deployed as an enterprise application within the Medtronic organisation, after passing Apple’s App Store requirements – but also the stringent tests for medical software usage. It is now regularly used in hospitals by cardiac surgeons around the world.
TECHNOLOGY: Swift, CoreData, Restkit, CoreAnimation