Mini Motor Racing

The Client

The Binary Mill is a computer games studio based on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is responsible for a suite of very successful mobile games, many of which have been downloaded millions of times. TBM has succeeded and flourished over many years, despite existing in a very competitive space where games studios live and die by the quality of their latest release. 

The Challenge

TBM wanted to create something truly revolutionary – to create a multiplayer car racing game where competitors would be based around the world and challenge each other in a shared space. At the time, single player games were well understood on a mobile platform, but the infrastructure and coding required to coordinate multi player gaming required skills outside of pure game development. 

Limitless Solutions was contracted to provide backend, API, and synchronisation services for the new game. This required interfacing the Unity based cross platform game into native code for Android and iOS, developing a fast communications protocol, synchronising everything together at the backend, and distributing messages to connected players. Worldwide top scores and other statistics could also be collected by anyone connecting to the service. Limitless Solutions used Microsoft cloud technology, SQLServer, and new Azure services to handle the complex messaging. In a racing game it is obviously very important that messages arrived in a timely manner with the minimal lag possible, and the architecture was optimised for timely transmission and delivery.


The resulting game, Mini Motor Racing, had over one million downloads in the first weekend of operation. The server backend held up and continued to run successfully. The game was subsequently nominated, and won, Best Car Racing Game in the Apple App Store.


  • .Net
  • SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Unity
  • Objective C.