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nKoda is a startup software company aiming to become the main repository of all classical music scores online. After successfully negotiating deals with the world’s traditional publishing companies, nKoda set about creating a secure format for the storage and transmission of 30 million musical scores.


Attempting to tackle the classical music market was a hugely ambitious goal. Music publishers are very protective over their intellectual property, and musical scores are very valuable. Many publishing houses are hundreds of years old, and the fact that they were convinced to convert to a digital format is testament to the trust built up with nKoda. The company developed a decentralised cryptographic format for the secure storage of scores online. New technology in artificial intelligence was also developed for score recognition and conversion.

The Challenge

We were provided with a very ambitious goal – deliver the Macintosh desktop application at the same time as the iOS and Android versions were released. The desktop application did not exist, and was literally a glimmer in the eye of its designer!

Limitless Creations took up the challenge, and provided an entire development team to deliver the Macintosh desktop application for the company. We were very passionate about this project, as our staff have particular experience in audio and music software development. Some of our senior software developers have been both professional musicians, and also worked as software developers on the world’s industry standard creative tools such as Pro Tools, Cubase, and Reason. Limitless Creations provided a team of 3 senior level software developers, plus an architect and project manager to help develop the software.

By using Xamarin native, we were able to leverage the existing development already made in the cross platform application, and reuse approximately 70% of all code. This included repurposing cross platform mobile user interface code to work on a desktop platform, and deliver a highly complex music score viewer using Skia Sharp. Much of the development was an exercise in research and development, as our investigations found that Xamarin for Mac had not previously been used in any other similar project before.


nKoda’s Macintosh application was released live to the Mac App Store, and now complements the cross platform tablet and phone versions. Full synchronisation across all platforms is possible, and the software has been endorsed by many of the world’s premier conductors and orchestras. nKoda now has a full suite of products, and a successful subscription model business.

Xamarin Mac, Azure, Skiasharp, proprietary technology