Royal Mail

The Client

Royal Mail is the primary postal provider in the UK. It was recently privatised, and has focused on making itself competitive in a world where so much communication is now electronic. Their new mandate is to provide superior services in areas that cannot easily be replaced by electronic services. One of the targeted areas is package delivery, which has seen competition from delivery companies such as UPS and Fedex. 

The Task

Shoreditch based design agency, Hugo and Cat, successful pitched Royal Mail to create an advanced package and tracking application which would be provide features superior to those provided by dedicated delivery companies. With the design and functionality signed off, Limitless Solutions was contracted to actually build the app!

The Solution

The application connected to a number of diverse APIs across a range of technologies, and required building a modern interface on top of some remote services dating back to the 1960s. Azure was used for push notifications, service bus, and database services. The application itself was built in Xamarin Native, using dedicated interfaces for both android and iOS implementations. This required Limitless Solutions to have a very good understanding of both Android and iOS operating systems. 


The application was highly optimised for each platform, resulting in a very fast and inuitive user experience. By using agile delivery methods, the app was delivered on time and on budget, and is now available in the google play and Apple App stores. It has had over a million downloads, and continues to be expanded and updated. 

Technology: Xamarin Native, MVVMCross, Azure Service bus, notification services and others