Safety Net Credit

The Client

Safety Net Credit provides credit facilities and short term loans for customers who may be unable to get credit elsewhere. As a rapidly growing company, Safety Net Credit relies very much on their website and online presence in order to run their business.  The company has hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the UK and has been expanding year on year of its operation. 

The Task

Safety Net Credit had a very old hybrid cross platform app available in the App Store that had not been updated for 3 years. It had been build by a third party, and was unable to be updated due to a combination of the technology used and the different expertise available in-house. Unfortunately due to these issues, the app had been 1 star reviewed many times, and was now a detriment to the company. Limitless Solutions was challenged to replace the existing app, train full-time staff in the latest technology, and release a new app into the store.

The Solution

Safety Net Credit has predominantly Microsoft expertise in house. It therefore made sense to use Xamarin, as this would allow for full-time staff to update the app later themselves. Limitless Solutions examined the functionality of the existing app, and proposed a total replacement using a combination of Xamarin Forms and the MVVM library Prism. Within the first 6 weeks a new app had been built that replicated the existing app’s functionality. The next stage was to train two developers to take over development and help to finish the construction of the application. This process included MVVM design patterns, library recommendations, multi threading development, and the intricacies of deployment to the Apple and Google Play stores. 


Technology: Xamarin Forms, Azure, WebAPI

By the end of the initial 3 month consultancy, Safety Net Credit’s own developers were trained to the point where approximately 80% of new code was created internally, and Limitless Creations was able to provide consultation and provide input for some of the more complex tasks. Version 1.0 of the new app launched at the end of 2018, and we can continue to help to extend the app and add more advanced features.