Schneider Electric


Giant multinational electronics company, Schneider Electric, provides domestic and industrial components for heating, automation, and control.


Schneider released a new line of smart devices for the home, including lighting controls, boiler controls, underfloor/radiator heating and smart plugs. Each of these devices connected to a custom wifi hub which could then be controlled anywhere via a connect mobile application. Limitless Creations was brought in to extend and develop features of the existing mobile app.  


The existing app was a cross platform app built in Xamarin native. It securely interfaced to Microsoft and custom cloud backends, and required significant security and code obfuscation due to it being a commercial retail application with access to users’ homes. A particular challenge was ensuring that a user’s journey to connect all devices was as seamless as possible – even though behind the scenes implementation required complex interfacing using a range of technologies. Given that devices were already present in many homes throughout Europe, it was imperative that changes to the application did not impact existing installations. Feature toggling and staged releases with a great amount of testing contributed to a successful release.


Schneider’s new control app was deployed successfully and is in use throughout all countries where their products are sold. It continues to be upgraded and improved as new devices are made available within their smart product range.