Singapore Police Force

The Client

Grabba International is an Australia hardware devices company that has been at the forefront of mobile accessory development for many years. Years before Apple developed a hardware thumbprint reader, Grabba already had one working and for sale on Apple, Blackberry and Android devices. Grabba have constantly pushed the boundaries of biometric and identification management for mobile devices, and their multiplatform technology includes hardware passport scanners, RFID readers, signature capture devices, and laser barcode readers. 

The Task

Grabba had partnered with international police forces and border control security services to provide a custom hardware biometric attachment that would work with popular mobile devices.  Limitless Solutions was contacted to see if we could provide expertise in the area. At this stage iOS was fairly new, but it was gaining popularly rapidly, and it was evident that it would soon take over Blackberry as a preferred device. 

Our challenge was to write device drivers and libraries that would bridge the gap between phone developers and hardware engineers. By creating an easy way to communicate with their devices, Grabba hoped to open up a software development kit to the world so that new apps could be created using their technology. 

The Solution

We were able to leverage our electrical engineering background to write drivers to communicate directly with Grabba’s hardware. We were able to create user libraries that could be easily integrated into existing iOS projects and communicated with using Objective C (and later, Swift as well). Our drivers successfully firstly read the secure format international passport RFID chip. After this demonstration, we went on to expand the functionality to read barcodes, RFID, thumbprint, and signature. 


Technology: Objective C, custom hardware

As a result of our development, Grabba was able to demonstrate the capability of their hardware running on the latest Apple devices. This directly led to valuable contracts with the Department of Homeland Security in the USA, and the Singapore Police Force.