Vanquis - Bank Cross Platform Mobile App

The Vanquis financial app recently won App of the Year in the fintech category at the 2018 UK app awards.
It is the most popular financial app in the United Kingdom, with an overall rating of 4.9 in the iOS app store.
After an initial build by an external agency, the app was internalised at Vanquis bank who wished to take over and extend the app.

Vanquis bank is one of a new breed of banks in the UK that provide credit to customers who may not be offered credit by traditional banks. Using their facilities allows customers to build up their credit rating, and thereby be offered larger loans or mortgages in future. Vanquis currently has 3.5 million customers, and the primary method of accessing user accounts is via the mobile app.

The task

Create a Mobile App

Limitless Creations performed an initial consultancy to determine the state of the current app and make recommendations. We determined that the initial app was well built, but did not make use of some of the newer and more modern features now present in Xamarin Forms. As the domain experts, we were asked to train full-time staff in mobile development technology so that the bank could retain knowledge in-house rather than relying on outside expertise for critical intellectual property. 
Security, privacy, and accuracy are of paramount importance when developing a mobile application, particularly in the financial sector. If a social media app crashes, or a game stops working, then it generally does not impact the user. If a banking app has a problem, then the potential impact to the user could be life altering. Code is thoroughly tested, repeatedly and under many different scenarios. Vanquis employs one full time testing engineer for every developer, and multiple devices and operating systems are tested continually. Limitless Creations worked closely with a penetration testing team, who’s specific task was to try to find vulnerabilities in the application.

The Results


Our practical experience in the financial sector is proven by our large number of clients, and Limitless Creations has currently had its contract extended twice to provide ongoing support and help the app continue to grow. Limitless Creations now has a number of high profile fintech and banking clients it has worked with – including Vanquis, London Stock Exchange, Smava (Germany), Safety Net Credit, the Australian Tax Office, UBS, Citibank and Daiwa Securities.

Technology: Xamarin Forms, Azure, other proprietary software